• Welcome to Physical Education!
     spinning balls
     Please consider the following for a successful year in Physical Education:                    
     *All students are expected to: be prompt, be prepared, and participate to the best of their ability.
     *Any student with an excuse (Doctor or Parent) will be expected to participate to his or her limitations.  Adaptations will be made to keep you safe and healthy.
     *I will introduce you to many team and individual activities and encourage you to make physical activity a part of your daily life. 
    All students are required to wear a Spring Grove Physical Education uniform consisting of navy blue shorts($8) and a gray shirt with the Spring Grove logo($4). Extra uniforms may be purchased from me at anytime throughout the school year. Students may also bring sweatshirts and sweatpants for outdoor activities as the weather becomes cooler.
     *Students are expected to wear supportive athletic shoes.  All shoes must be tied securely as this is a safety issue for you and your classmates.
    *NO jewelry is to be worn during physcial education class! 

    *QUIZZES! Written quizzes will be given to test your knowledge of skills and rules.

    **Please see the course syllabus under class handouts for more class information.**