• Welcome to Health Class! 
    The following are a few key ideas to help you be successful in Health class this school year:
    *We will meet for Health class at various times throughout the school year. Pay attention to the schedule.
    *Students are expected to arrive to class on time and participate appropriately.
    *Please remember to bring a pencil/pen and your health folder.
    *Please see Mr. Cole for missed work ASAP.
    *Textbooks are kept in the classroom at all times. If you need to work from home, please use the on-line text and resources:  
    1. Log on to www.healthmh.com
    2. Click on Student Center
    3. Under Textbook resources, click on Online Student Edition
    4. Click on For online student edition click here
    5. Username: meeks
    6. Password: t79ystle
    7. Click: submit
    8. Click: Table of Contents
    9. Under Unit Resources, click: Unit ? (the unit we are currently studying)
    10. Under Lesson Resources, click: Lesson ? (the lesson we are currently studying)


    **Please see the course syllabus under the class handouts section for more class information.**