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    The Business Expo Provides Many Opportunities

    The Business Expo provides Spring Grove Area High School junior and senior students the rare chance to meet and chat with leaders of the local industries in which they are interested. The relaxed atmosphere of the Expo helps students feel at ease with speaking to local businesses about career paths, future and current employment opportunities, and the most sought-after skills by employers. Bringing business leaders to the students is a great way to help them practice networking and gain key contacts in their field of interest!
    Businesses who participate in the Expo benefit by gaining a better understanding of what careers students are seeking, making connections with prospective employees, and often learn something new about today’s school curriculum and activities. Business representatives have several opportunities throughout the day to network with the other organizations, as well.


    2022 Business Expo 

    March 30, 2022
    9:00 AM - 11:15 AM
    Spring Grove Area High School
    1490 Roth's Church Road, Spring Grove, PA
    Whether it is your first time participating or if you have joined us in the past, we are excited to bring back this great event for the benefit of local businesses, students, and staff! We encourage you to share your job opportunities including entry-level and higher-skilled positions, apprenticeships, and internships with students at the Business Expo.

    Register Today!

    If interested, please complete the 2022 Registration Form.

    This form will be used to collect information as we prepare for the event. Additional information will be provided in the coming weeks, including but not limited to, demonstration opportunities, student and staff presentations, logistics, and lunch preferences.


    Contact Christian Ehrhart, SGAHS Assistant Principal at ehrhartc@sgasd.org or 717-225-4731 X7000. 


    2018 Business Expo Video