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    The Business Expo Provides Many Opportunities
    The partnership between the School District and the local Chamber of Commerce creates some unique and wonderful opportunities for both organizations. None is more evident than the annual Business Expo, held each spring. The Expo provides our junior- and senior-year students with the rare chance to meet and chat with the leaders of local industries in which they are interested. This is a much more relaxed atmosphere than a formal interview. For a teenager, being comfortable in a business setting is not always easy. Bringing the businesses to them is a great way to help! 
    We have found, however, that the businesses who participate see it as very worthwhile for them as well.  Business representatives report a better sense of what students are thinking and they always tend to learn something new about today's school curriculum and activities. Beyond that, they have several opportunities throughout the day - in the hospitality room, over the luncheon, or during the evening session - to network with the other businesses, interact with local consumers and, in the case of those with food products, even do a little test-marketing! 

    It's one of those situations where everyone seems to benefit!


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    March 27, 2019
    11:00 am - 2:30 pm

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