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    Two years ago, we launched the use of Artsonia in Spring Grove Area School District's elementary art program! Artsonia is known as the, "world's largest children's art museum" and provides art teachers free web space to house electronic digital portoflios for their students. Due to the fact that we store all finished art projects in the art room until the spring curriculum fair, I wanted a way to show all of my wonderful parents their children's awesome artwork as they make it! It stinks waiting until spring!

    With the hep of Artsonia and our student iPads, every time students complete a project this year in art, they shoot and upload a photograph of it to the Artsonia website. If you are a parent who is signed up to receive notifications, you will receive an email alert that your child has a new work to view! If you missed the sign-ups, fear not, we can get you in there! If you are a parent or guardian and in need of an additional permission slip, please let me know via email on the opening welcome page of this website and I will be sure to send one home with your child.

    The best part is, you can share our child's artwork with family or firends that may live out-of-state since it is all done electronically on the web! Your child's portfolio will also follow them each year, so while it may be hard to keep every single physical project as your child progresses through school, with the help of Artsonia you can still view your child's entire collection of artwork. 

    Please check out the following links to see each school's particular gallery and thank you so much for your encouragement as we dive into this new project!

    Paradise Elementary School Artsonia Paradise Elementary School

       New Salem Elementary Artsonia New Salem Elementary School

             Spring Grove Elementary Artsonia Spring Grove Elementary School


    For more information on Artsonia, please feel free to browse the website via the link below