• Required Clearance Information

    Act 153 of 2014 requires school employees to obtain background checks on a periodic basis. Clearances must be submitted prior to the commencement of employment or service. Beginning December 31, 2014, clearances must be obtained every 5 years. Links and instructions for obtaining your clearances are below.  For additional information on obtaining or renewing clearances, please contact the Human Resources office.  

    Clearance Fees

    Fees are paid online and are as follows for each clearance: 

    • PA Criminal History (Act 34) - $22.00
    • FBI (Act 114) - $23.85 

    • PA Child Abuse (Act 151) - $13.00 

    Criminal History Background Check Clearance (Act 34)

    Click Here for Criminal History Background Check Clearance

    Completion online will give you immediate access to your clearance.

    If the status is No Record, double click on the control number shown on the screen, then click on the Certification Form.  Your clearance will be displayed and can be printed or saved as a pdf at that point. 

    If the status is Request Under Review, you should periodically check the website to determine the final status.  The result will eventually show up as No Record or Record.  If it shows the latter, a response will be mailed to you.  Otherwise, navigate to the Certificate Form and print it or save it as a pdf.

    If the status is pending, you should periodically check the website to determine the final status.  If it remains pending for more than 24 hours, call the Helpline at 1-888-783-7972.

    FBI Criminal Background Check (Act 114)

    Click Here for FBI Criminal Background Check 

    Preregistration should be completed online at https://uenroll.identogo.com/ (24 hours/day, 7 days/week) or by calling 1-844-321-2101 (Monday – Friday, 8 am – 6 pm) with the service code 1KG6XN

    Payment may be made online at the time of registration using a debit or credit card. Payment may also be made with a Bank Card, Money Order, or Business Check at the fingerprint location. Money Orders and Business Checks must be made out to IDEMIA. NO CASH or PERSONAL CHECKS will be accepted at the fingerprint sites.

    Once registered, you can have your fingerprints taken at any of the locations listed on their site.  When registering online, you can view locations on the IdentoGO website.

    You must provide proof of identity upon arrival at the Fingerprint Center such as a state-issued driver’s license, state ID card, passport, etc. 

    Once your fingerprints are taken at the fingerprint location, you will be issued a receipt that will have your UEID (Universal Enrollment ID). This is the number you must provide to the Human Resources department in order for Human Resources to access your FBI clearance online.

    More detailed information may be found on the PDE website.

    PA Child Abuse History Clearance  (Act 151)

    PA Child Abuse History Clearance

    The system will take you to a screen to create a Keystone ID for your account.   

    You will receive an email with a temporary password to access your account and change your password.

    Use the Keystone ID and password you create to start the application.  Please be sure to remember this Keystone ID/password for future use. This site is also the site used for online ChildLine referrals and clearance renewals in three years.

    You will need to be prepared to supply information of all the addresses you have lived and every person you have lived with since 1975.

    Completion will provide you with online access to your clearance within 2 weeks and, in some cases, immediately.  Additionally, you can choose to have your clearance sent to your home or mailing address.