Formal work on the FY 2018-19 General Fund Budget starts in September with the announcement of the Act 1 Index number by the Department of Education. The process begins with the presentation of a budget development calendar in September.  Additional activities include the review of the prior year's financials and the development of departmental and building budgets.

    Monthly presentations are made to the Board's Directors' Study Forum (DSF) and are posted here for public view.  A key discussion item is the consideration of the Resolution to keep any real estate tax increase for the coming year at or below the Act 1 Index.

    The work of the Board and Administration culminates with the preparation of the budget in the prescribed form PDE-2028 for preliminary approval in January unless the Board determines not to seek exceptions.

    The next few months will include more work to refine the budget's revenue and expenditure totals, leading to adoption in May.

    SEPTEMBER 2017
    The publication of the Act 1 Index will provide an indication of the allowable property tax increase that each district in the Commonwealth may consider.  The Base Index is 2.4%; the District's Enhanced Index, announced September 30, is 3.0%.
    Concurrently, the district will work on the audit of the prior year's financials to establish the starting point of the current year's budget that will project into the following (2018-19) year's budget development.

    NOVEMBER 2017
    At its November 20, 2017, meeting, the School Board adopted the resolution to limit any real estate tax increase to a maximum 3.0%.  The School Board continues deliberations through the final adoption tentatively scheduled for the May 2018 Voting Meeting.


    The Board approved the Proposed Final Budget for 2018-2019 with an effective increase of 1.82% in the millage rate.  A copy of the budget document can be viewed at the ESC during business hours or at the link Proposed Final Budget.  Final Adoption is scheduled for May 21, 2018, at the meeting to be held at the ESC.  See the Notice for the meeting.


    The files below are the PDF versions of the presentations made at each Directors' Study Forum meeting, as noted by the name of each file.