• How to Pay for the iPad Protection Fee
    You can use MySchoolBucks to pay your child's iPad protection fee to the School District. This optional, non-refundable protection plan, is $20.00 per student in grades K-4 and $30 per student in grades 5-12. (Please contact your building principal if purchasing this plan is a financial hardship.)
    MySchoolBucks can also be used for repair costs incurred for damages or replacement costs not covered under the protection fee.

    Terms of the Protection Plan
    The plan includes one device repair/replacement per school year in the event of theft or accidental damage. Any additional replacement or repair will be charged to the student/parent/guardian for the full cost of the repair or the fair market value of the device.

    Note: Cables and chargers are not covered in the plan. The student is responsible for replacing each item. Each student is responsible for the entire cost of replacement or repair for the device if it is determined to be damaged through abuse, misuse, or intentional damage.

    Using MySchoolBucks 
    You can make the protection plan payment at either MySchoolBucks.com or from the MySchoolBucks mobile app. Once logged in, navigate to the MySchoolBucks Store to purchase the iPad protection plan. The convenience fee has been waived for this purchase. The vendor on your statement will show as "Spring Grove Area SD Stor".
    Please note: You must make sure you complete the payment in the Store of the MSB app. Otherwise, your payment will not be processed as a purchase for the Protection Plan. See the image below.
    MySchoolBucks Store
    If you have questions, please contact the Business Office at (717) 225-4731 extension 3019 or via businessoffice@sgasd.org.  
    Thank you for your support of our School District.