• A Message from The Superintendent

    As Superintendent of Spring Grove Area School District, I am honored to serve our community.  Presently, I am reminded that we face one of the most exciting and yet challenging times in Pennsylvania public education in recent memory.  While approaching this monumental task, I turn to the phrase that many use - RESPECT the Past, CELEBRATE the Present, and BUILD the Future.

    RESPECT the Past

    Spring Grove is rich with a past that is filled with student and staff accomplishments, community actions that are strongly supportive of public education, and individuals who have given so much to the mission of this School District - “…to provide a safe and engaging learning environment that will challenge and motivate all students to demonstrate continual growth on assessments and to attain their full potential while preparing for the future.”  

    From the time the first known school existed in Spring Grove Borough in 1848, our community’s support as being a strong partner to our mission is apparent through a wide range of involvement from businesses, families, and civic organizations.  As a district, we “respect” the many who have established a strong foundation for the ongoing success of our students.  We stand alongside key community leaders as we celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of Spring Grove alumni in the areas of academics, athletics, and skill-based endeavors, along with their achievements in musical, theatrical, and military-based undertakings.

    CELEBRATE the Present

    Presently, our students and staff continue to excel in a multitude of venues both locally and abroad.  The steady stream of repeated successes serves as catalyst for us, as a district, to join with colleagues, students, and their families in ongoing celebration.  As we continue in these celebrations, we remain focused to the task of educating all students, in partnership with parents, and dedicated to our responsibility of being fiscally prudent as good stewards of all revenue available to the district.  Hiring the best staff, providing them with adequate resources, and operating within challenging fiscal times are three significant challenges of present day public education.  In addition to the traditional school setting, students face choices in their education that include a wide range of charter schools, cyber schools, and cyber-charter schools.  Spring Grove Area School District continues to maintain a solid educational program that serves ALL of our students with a multitude of possibilities.

    BUILD the Future

    As we look to the future of public education in Spring Grove, one can only imagine what it may hold for all of us.  Specifically, advances in technology have created an opportunity that promotes our district-wide instructional principles.  These principles include empowering students to “learn without limits” by solving complex problems, connecting with others, engaging in rigorous learning, and owning the learning.  Instructionally, we use these tenets as a global approach to connect students with a shrinking world by utilizing and providing a more traditional learning environment.

    Educating our youth has historically been and will continue to remain the priority of both the family and the schools.  While the foundation of all learning begins at home, Spring Grove will continue to collaborate with families to face any obstacles in order to ensure that ALL students are able “to attain their full potential” as our mission so aptly promotes. 

     Dr. David Renaut, Superintendent