• Storytelling with Adobe Spark

    Adobe Spark has proven to be an invaluable classroom tool. Indeed, hundreds of thousands of students and their teachers use these apps every day, injecting fun and interactivity into all sorts of classes and subjects. Here are some example uses provided by teachers:
    Speech and language play Sight words proficiency Narrative prompts Rhyming games
    Playing with shapes and colors Second language acquisition Story starters Creative storytelling
    Book reports Photo essays Class reports Trip reports
    Student portfolios Classroom newsletters PTA ads and promos Science fair presentations

    Within Adobe Spark are two main apps that we will explore: Spark Video and Spark Pages.
    There is a separate iPad app for each.
    Projects can also be created and edited on any computer at https://spark.adobe.com/

    Adobe Spark Video - quickly create a narrated slideshow with icons, images and text 

    Adobe Spark Video Help Center: how to create a video, share, edit, etc. 
    Spark Page Samples for Education: collection of projects made in the classroom.

    Adobe Spark Pages - create webpages, reports with text and graphics