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    Extended School Year
    Extended School Year (ESY) is a service that must be considered for all students receiving special education services under the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA). For students receiving Learning Support (LS) and other high-incidence (meaning more common) disability services, the frequency of qualification for ESY is relatively low. In his article from the Special Education Guide (link below), Norm Bishop (2013) explains the thought process behind considering ESY for students with high-incidence disabilities:
    "Regulations state that, to qualify, a child with a disability must lose two-thirds of the skills they learned during the school year (usually based upon progress toward IEP goals), and take between six and nine weeks of the next school year to regain those skills. A number of students forget some of the skills they learn during the summer months; however, most do not lose as much as two thirds, regardless of disability... Typically, the students who receive ESY services are those with more severe disabilities, and are often served in self-contained programs; students with less pronounced disabilities are least likely to be selected as needing these services. As stated, each IEP team should carefully consider a student’s needs and make a data-based decision."
    Bishop, N. (2013, October 15). What Are Extended School Year Services and Who Qualifies? Retrieved February 05, 2016, from http://www.specialeducationguide.com/blog/what-are-extended-school-year-services-and-who-qualifies/