• Principles for Governance and Leadership

    Pennsylvania School Boards are committed to providing EVERY student the opportunity to grow and achieve, and the School Board members of the Spring Grove Area School District are no different.  The actions taken by this Board of School Directors ultimately have both short and long-term impact in the classroom.

    In order to maintain the highest level of integrity in leadership and governance of our school district, school directors adopted School Board Policy #011, Board Governance Standards / Code of Conduct on March 17, 2014.  These Standards and Code of Conduct are used as a framework surrounding decisions made by the board as a governing body.  

    On January 18, 2016, school directors collectively and individually adopted additional Principles for Governance and Leadership.  When you attend a meeting of the nine-member Board of Directors of the Spring Grove Area School District, you can be assured that these standards and principles are providing the foundation upon which decisions of the members rest.

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