• Frequently Asked Questions

    Why are we using iPads?
    iPads are being used as an instructional tool in support of the District’s effort towards “Learning Without Limits”.  We anticipate that the iPads will support the desire to have students: solve complex problems, connect with others, engage in rigorous learning, and own the learning.
    What will this program cost me?
    Nothing.  We are issuing iPads as instructional tools, just like textbooks.  You will have the option of purchasing a protection plan due to the devices going home with students.  However, while we are recommending this extra protection, it is still only an option. It is not required.  The cost is $20/year for students in grades K-8 and $30/year for students in grades 9-12.  The increase for high school students is due to the extra cost of the keyboard cases they are issued.
    What happens if my iPad breaks?
    Accidents happen and problems with technology sometimes occur, through not fault of the individual.  In those cases, the District will repair the device at no cost.  Malicious or intentional damage to the devices will be treated in the same manner as damage to other technology, textbooks, and instructional resources.  If necessary, any discipline will be handled on a case-by-case basis in accordance with District policy. 
    When the iPads are taken home:
    1. If the extended coverage was purchased through the district, and this is the first incident of the year for that device, no additional cost will be incurred and the iPad will be repaired or replaced, free of charge.
    2. If the extended coverage was purchased through the district, and this is the second time or more within the same school year that student's device has been damaged, the student will be responsible for the cost of the repair or replacement of the device.
    3. If the extended coverage was not purchased through the district, the student is responsible for all repairs or replacement of the device. 
    What does "Responsible Use" mean?
    The official District policy for the Responsible Use of Internet and Network Resources, #815, can be found under the School Board Policies section of the District website.  This policy explains in detail the expectations all students and employees are expected to follow and what it means to use technology resources responsibly.
    Can students install apps?
    Students will not be able to install apps.  Apps will be pushed out by our technology department. The iPads will have a setting enabled that prevents access to the App Store. 
    How does the iPad access change at home versus at school?
    We are providing a filtering option on the iPad this year that will filter the iPads off the school's network in the same manner that they are filtered in school.  This should alleviate some concerns about children having full internet access at home with a school device.  Additionally, the ability for students to install apps at home is also disabled, just like it is at school.  The district will manage the apps that are distributed to student devices.    
    Can my child bring their own iPad to use instead of the District's?
    Students will be required to use the district issued iPad in all of their classes so that we can manage the distribution of apps to the appropriate iPads for different subjects and classes across all grade levels.  A student can use his or her own personal electronic device at the direction of the individual classroom teachers.