• PMEA District Chorus

    • Information for the Fall 2021 audition material will be available in May

    PMEA District Orchestra Audition Information

    • The solo list will be available in May
    • Scales
    • I highly recommend finding a private teacher to help prepare you for your orchestra audition. This music is very advanced (much harder than school orchestra music). Please consult the list of private teachers that I have on my website and in the class handbook to find a teacher who can help you. 


    PMEA All-State Vocal Jazz Audition Information (Grades 10-12)



    • Sing two (2) different scales in swing eighth notes using the syllables “doo va” or “doo ba” (may be modified depending on range), ascending and descending one octave (including the 9th on top)
    • Tempo: Quarter note = 110

    ○ Soprano low: Middle C ○ Soprano high: A (above middle C)

    ○ Middle low: Bb (below middle C) ○ Middle high: F (above middle C)

    ○ Alto low: G (below middle C) ○ Alto high: D (above middle C)

    ○ Tenor low: C (second space bass clef) ○ Tenor high: G (below middle C)

    ○ Middle low: Bb (second line bass clef) ○ Middle high: Eb (below middle C)

    ○ Bass low: F (below bass staff) ○ Bass high: C (second space bass clef)


    Audition Songs 

    • The song list will be available in May


    • Scat sing two (2) improvised choruses along with the accompaniment track provided in How to Play Jazz and Improvise, Volume 1 by Jamey Aebersold (published by Jamey Aebersold Jazz, Inc.). Accompaniment: Track 8 – Blues in Key of F Concert found on page 75- (may be used from accompaniment CD or purchased from iTunes or other digital music retailer).
    • Scat Backing Track- Slow Version
    • Scat Backing Track- Faster
    • I would prepare your scat to both tempos (it sounds exactly the same, just at two tempos). The description of what you should perform to changes slightly every year, so I want you to be prepared for either scenario while I get clarification.