• SG Athletic Hall of Fame


    The Rocket Athletic Hall of Fame honors the very best in the history of Rocket Athletics, in order to preserve the heritage and tradition of athletic excellence at Spring Grove Area High School. This special honor recognizes members of the Spring Grove family who have distinguished themselves as outstanding contributors to athletics at Spring Grove Area High School and possibly beyond.

     The Hall of Fame will serve to honor student-athletes, coaches, and administrators, as well as longtime and distinctive supporters of the Athletic Department.


    The criteria in each category are as follows:


    • The nominee must have attended Spring Grove Area High School.
    • The nominee must have an outstanding past record in athletics while a student-athlete at Spring Grove Area High School or preceding institution.
    • The nominee must have exhibited sportsmanship, character, and good citizenship on and off the field of play during high school years, as well as after graduation.
    • The candidate will be eligible for nomination no earlier than ten (10) years after their graduation.
    • The potential candidate could be denied nomination eligibility as a result of past violations of the law.

    Coach/Administrator: (Deceased or Living)

    • The nominee must have coached or been a staff member for at least seven (7) years at Spring Grove Area School District.
    • The Nominee will have demonstrated an ability to enhance the athletic experience of the student-athlete while serving as a positive role model through exemplary leadership and character.
    • Coaches/Administrators may be a district employee at the time of nomination.

    Friends of Athletics:

    • The nominee need not be a graduate or former employee of Spring Grove Area High School.
    • Strong consideration will be given to those nominees who have enhanced the experience of the student-athletes at Spring Grove Area High School through their support. 
    • The candidate will have volunteered their time and/or resources for a minimum of five (5) years.


    • The nominee teams must have been a successful team who advanced as high as they were capable during their particular era and must have achieved success in Counties, Districts, and States for a given season.
    • The nominee teams must have had a Varsity status during the season for which they are being nominated.
    • The nominee teams will be considered after a minimum of ten (10) years has elapsed from the last date of play for their nomination season.


    A 13-person committee will review all nominees and make their recommendations for each category.

    Once the decision has been reached, inductees will be notified. A presentation will be made at halftime during a home basketball game. A banquet style dinner will be conducted in the school cafeteria or designated banquet hall. Each inductee will receive a small token of their induction. A plaque with their name and accomplishments will be on display in the upstairs entryway to the Spring Grove Area High School Gymnasium. 


    Want to know more? Contact Greg Wagner, Athletic Director, at 225-4731, ext 7500.


     Hall of Fame Nomination Form


    Hall of Fame By-Laws (updated November 2016)