• STRIVE Tax Rebate Program

              Senior Tax Rebate Incentive Volunteer Exchange

    • Provides an opportunity for a reduction of the real estate tax burden on senior citizens
    • Gives seniors a chance to communicate life skills and experience to students of the School District
    • Helps develop greater school and community interaction
    • Provides service to the school district in areas of need 
    How does the STRIVE program work?
       A qualifying volunteer is able to work up to 100 hours, earning a credit of $5 per hour, to a maximum $500 credit. Volunteers may continue their service beyond 100 hours, however there will be no additional tax credit beyond the maximum. 

       In the event there are two volunteers from one household, the maximum credit for a household is $1,000.  Under no circumstances may the credit exceed the total annual amount of School District taxes for the property. 

       Volunteers will be required to report to their designated work location as assigned and perform the required duties of the position in a satisfactory manner. Volunteers not meeting performance requirements will be released from the STRIVE program. 

       Interested individuals must enroll on or before the designated deadline date and will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.


     Who qualifies to participate in the STRIVE program?

      Senior citizens age 62 and over may qualify if: they have annual household income from all sources of less than $30,000, are property owners and occupy that property within the Spring Grove Area School District, and pay the school tax for that property. 

       Household income includes earned income, pensions, social security, interest, dividends and similar investment distributions, and all other income for all individuals residing in the household.

       One person may be designated to serve as a “stand in” for the qualified senior citizen who is unable to volunteer due to illness or disabilities. 

       Volunteers are required to follow current clearance requirements as listed by the state. Please see our Volunteer Services page for more information.


     Positions Available

      The positions listed below are typically available for volunteers. A job description will be reviewed with each volunteer as part of an interview to be conducted prior to assignment. The interviews will be conducted by the Human Resource Director, Business Manager, and/or the supervising Administrator to ensure compatibility with the skills of the volunteer and the responsibilities of the position. A limited number of second shift and summer positions may be available.

    • Classroom Aides
    • Cafeteria Aide/Cook
    • Library Aide
    • Clerical Aide
    • Custodian (First and Second Shift, Summer)
    • Copier Aide
    • Painter (Summer)
    • Playground Monitor
    • Building/Hall Monitor
    • Tutor


    Payment of Tax Credits 

       The credit for service provided to the school district during a year will be credited to the following year tax invoice. Credits earned during the current school year will reduce the tax liability for the real estate tax invoices issued in July of the following school year. The tax invoices issued in July will reflect the full amount due, however, the taxpayer and the tax collector will be issued a credit statement indicating the amount of the credit.

       The taxpayer will only be required to pay the net amount due after application of the tax credit.  Tax credits must be used in the tax year following the year in which they are earned.

       Should a participant sell their property and purchase another property within the Spring Grove Area School District, the credit may be transferred to that property for that individual. If a participant sells their property and does not purchase another property within the School District, the credit is forfeited. Tax credits are not transferable to another individual.


    Program Coordination

       The Business Manager is primarily responsible for the STRIVE Program and works closely with the Human Resource Director, Community Relations Coordinator, and School Administrators to monitor the quality of the program. Feedback from both the staff of the School District and the volunteers is solicited to provide an ongoing review and to make any necessary refinements to the program. The Board of School Directors may be provided with a periodic report concerning the level of participation and the services provided by the volunteers.