• Try it Out

    Now is your time to apply this to your current teaching assignment/professional duties! You will be creating a list of resources to be accessed by your students (in or out of school) or possibly their parents from home. This list could be specific to a unit of study, current topic, or general resources for practice.
    For this assignment you may use your district website to create a Link Library or create a SymbalooEDU account and create a webmix. In the form below, please copy and paste a link to your list of resources.  (Please refer to the Symbaloo User Guide on the Resources page for instructions on how to share your webmix.) 
    *If you do not have a district website, but would like to set one up, please contact John or Kristen after in-service for assistance.
    **If you would like to create your list of web resources on a Word document to place in the Completed or Assignment drive for students, please email it directly to John or Kristen. On the submission form below, indicate that you emailed the document where you are asked to copy and paste a link.