• Try it Out

    We will be completing some guided activities with both Google Maps and Google Maps Engine to help you become familiar with each tool and its features. Following these activities you will have the chance to create your own map (using the tool of your choice) that could be used with your students.
    Guided Practice 
    Activity #1 - Using Google Maps for Gathering Information/Research
    Activity #2 - Creating Map Content Using Google Maps Engine (My Maps)
    Create Your Own!
    Now that you have learned about Google Maps and Google Maps Engine, some possible uses in the classroom, and actually "played" with the tools you get to apply it to your instruction. You will be creating a map that either
    1. you will share with students as a means of instruction
    2. will be an example of what a student would create in an assignment in your class
    You can use either Google Maps (gathering information) or Google Maps Engine (creating information) and will be sharing the link to the map in the form below. [Click HERE for information about getting the Sharing link and settings]