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    Google Maps vs. Google Maps Engine (My Maps) vs. Google Earth


    Below you will find some resources describing uses for Google Maps within your classroom. Remember, Google Maps is different than Google Earth. At this point one of the only process things Maps cannot do that can be done in Google Earth is recording a path. Google Earth also features Google Sky.  If you would like advanced help with Google Earth, please contact us.

    Google Maps

    Google Maps Engine

    Google Earth



    Downloaded Program



    Send file (All parties must have program)

    Street View, Google Earth 3D Imagery, Pictures

    Google Earth 3D Imagery, Pictures

    Gather information from data embedded into map

    Create information bringing in digital content

    Create information bringing in digital content

    What can Google Maps do?

    Maps from both Google Maps and Google Maps Engine can be shared and collaborated on with students and teachers with a Google Account. Deciding which to use really will depend on what the purpose for your assignment will be.

    • Google Maps Engine is accessed via https://mapsengine.google.com/map/ or from the same address as above, but you must be logged in to a Google account. If you click on the white search box, My Maps will appear. This is the gateway to the Google Maps Engine.


    Google Maps in the Content Areas

    Google Lit Trips are a great way to make connections for students when working with literary works.  These are currently being created in the program Google Earth, which you may or may not have on your computer, and not all devices students have access to can run the program.  Google has enhanced its map offerings to provide us the opportunity to create Lit Trips within the browser. Below is a video tutorial that explains the process that goes into creating a Google Lit Trip that can be done by either you or your students.

    • Google Lit Trips using Google Maps - Video

    Math Maps

    16 Amazing Places to Visit with Google Street View

    Google Art Project - How to Use Google Art Project

    Special Collection of Street View Collections - Click Explore in the bar at the top of the screen and view the special collections.

    Help Resources Tutorials from Google


    Use Street View

    Create and Edit Custom Maps - This would include creating content or connecting content to the map.