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    Blogging Activity 
    Access our SGASD Professional Development Blog by clicking HERE to complete this activity.
    * Be sure to sign in to your @springgrovesd.org account BEFORE writing your response. 
    Compare & Contrast Activity with Google Docs 
    Use this Google Doc to Compare and Contrast Google Docs and Blogging as means of enhancing instruction with Communication and Collaboration.
    Google Docs Review Quiz
    Click on the link for a quick review on what you can do with Google Docs.

    What will it look like in your classroom?
    Choose either Blogger or KidBlog and create your own blog. You have the freedom to choose how it is set up and its purpose. Choose themes and layouts that you like, decide how visible it will be, and ultimately decide how students will access it (do they need accounts, do you need to post the link somewhere, etc.) When you have created your blog and published your first post, share the link in the form below. If you have it set to private, please note that, but still copy and paste the link.