• Resource Exploration

    The resources for this module are linked below. The first section of content is from an online course provided by Google on Power Searching. The resources are divided into 3 sections. In each section, you will be viewing some resources and respond to some questions to check for understanding. There are a few times where the Google course will request you post something on a Google forum - ignore those questions.  Please give yourself a break to get up and stretch when you complete a section. 

    Section #1 Search Basics - learn what happens when you do a Google search and how your search terms can make those searches more productive. (please skip section 1.1 and 1.2) 



    Only do Section 1 of the Google Course. Now proceed to the remaining sections are below!



    Section # 2 Advanced Techniques - learn how to limit results to filetypes, web sites, and other powerful tricks.

    Screencast on Advanced Search - check out an example of using the Google Advanced Search

    Operators Handout - cheat sheet for refining searches



    Section #3 Evaluating Websites
    This section is slightly different. Visit each link below and then complete the embedded activity.



    How to Read a Web Address

    Check External Links