• Technology Exploration Modules 

    Welcome to home base for our technology offerings this fall. This page will not only contain the links to start each module, but will also house the online help chat specific to each module.  

    Module List

    Web Literacy for Educators (Required for all staff)

    1. Participants will evaluate the credibility and reliability of internet resources. 
    2. Participants will utilize advanced search strategies to promote efficient research.
    3. Help Chat: http://today.io/spjp

    Student Tutorials - Students “Showing What They Know”

    1. Participants will examine the value of having students create their own tutorials.
    2. Participants will create sample tutorials for topics in their content area/grade level.
    3. Help Chat: http://today.io/spjt

    Sharing Digital Resources with Students - How? When? Where?
    1. Participants will assemble a list of digital resources, specific to their content area/grade level, to be shared with students for use in or out of the classroom.
    2. Participants will discover how to manage the activities of their class in a lab situation or classroom utilizing devices.
    3. Help Chat: http://today.io/spk1

    Explore the World with Google Maps

    1. Participants will investigate the many ways Google Maps can be integrated into various content areas/grade levels.
    2. Participants will construct a sample map for a topic in their content area/grade level.
    3. Help Chat: http://today.io/spjN
    Increasing Communication and Collaboration In & Out of the Classroom
    1. Participants will explore various methods for communicating with students, parents, and the outside world to increase student motivation, encourage parental involvement, and publish student work.
    2. Participants will compare and contrast different collaboration techniques for teachers and students.
    3. Help Chat: http://today.io/spk0