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App Requests

Form & Guidelines (requires sign-in) 




 Located on the District Web Site under Departments / Curriculum and Instruction or can be accessed with this link.

Discovery Streaming

Discovery Streaming site - Main page for log in. Use the Forgot Password link if needed.
Play and Download Videos - if you plan on showing a video in class, download the video ahead of time to insure proper playback. Downloaded videos can also be saved to the Private Drive for your sub folder.
View Transcript  - Want to get an idea of the content of a video with out having to view the whole thing? Use the transcript function to read over the narration of a video. Please note that transcripts are only available for videos with closed captioning ( most of the recent videos).


Signature - how to add one to your messages

Interwrite Workspace - program for the Interwrite Pad, Board, and Mobi  

Connecting the Interwrite Pad to your Computer

iPad Resources

Lunch Count ( K-6 )

Middle School Laptops 

Fingerprint Utility - how to turn off the pop up messages from it 
Access V-Brick for channels and announcements - Application and Links folder --> Video Distribution


MMS help  ( requires staff log in )





Performance Tracker

 Tracker help documents (requires staff Log in)



Printing/Scanning with Copiers


Professional Development Resources

Summer Workshop Resources 2016 

   - Individualized Student Learning
   - Show What You Know
   - Organizing Digital Content


 How to Embed Quizlet onto your Webpage


Saving and Opening Files


Study Island Resources


Sub Plans

Sub Folder - Place plans, videos, PowerPoint files in the sub folder in the Private drive.

ThinkCentral - Journeys Digital Resources


Title 1

Title 1 Resources (requires sign-in)



Web Page Editing


Windows Movie Maker

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