• Fund Raising
    Fundraising is an essential element to our program and benefits all music students.  Participating in fundraisers gives students the opportunity to earn money for their student accounts.  Extra packets and order forms are generally available upon request from your child's music teacher.  
    Music Booster Support
    Fundraising Opportunities: 

    Sandwich Sale/Browns Orchard – Click here to download the current sandwich sale/Browns Orchard forms. (Due March 5th)


    Weis Markets / Giant / Kennies Gift Cards
    Do you shop at Giant, Weis Markets, or Kennies ? Help us earn money from Giant,Weis Markets, and Kennies just by doing your grocery shopping! Three percent will go into the students account when they sell gift cards. You can pay for gas at the pump with your gift card as well. What an easy way to raise money. 



    Spring Grove Music Boosters
    Last Modified February 8, 2018