Mr. Bupp's Buyers Guide for Instruments
    (Avoid the $199 BRAND NEW INSTRUMENTS! They are junk and cannot be repaired or serviced if they break! These brands include:
    Bardo, Cecilio, Pathfinder, Borg, Harmony, Hunter, Oxford, Opus, Signature, First Act, Hawk, Lazarro, Welmar, The Windwind, Maestro, Palintino, Venus, Merana, Maybach, Lark, Hazelton, Mendini, Suzuki, Lundie, Pruefer, Jinbo, Sky, Lauren, Gibson, Skylark, Prodigy, Anaxa, Etude.

    Just like a car, instruments will need a tune up or repair at some point in their life. Regular care will keep your instrument working well for many years. Below are local repair shops that can assist you in making repairs and general upkeep.
    Sam is a Spring Grove alumni and lives in Spring Grove!

    The Broken Note
    70 N. Main St.
    Red Lion, Pennsylvania
    (717) 246-0420
    Monday thru Friday 10am-6pm
    Saturday Appointment Only
    Sunday CLOSED
    Can't make it in for repair during our regular hours?
    No problem!
    We schedule appointments before and after of our regular hours!
    Appointments can be made by phone at (717) 246-0420 or e-mail brokennoterepairs@yahoo.com

    Menchey Music
    If you are renting your instrument through Menchey and have a rental plan, your repairs should be covered. Simply call the number below and the Menchey Music Rep. will stop by your school on Tuesdays and drop off a loaner while your instrument is being repaired. Even if you do not have a repair plan, they will still fix your instrument! (Some restrictions may apply with off brand instruments.)
     For more information on Menchey's repair service, please contact them at menchey_info@menchey.com or 1-888-MENCHEY (636-2439) x 223.