• "New knowledge is the most valuable commodity on earth. The more truth we have to work with, the richer we become." 
    -  Kurt Vonnegut
     Feb. 22nd Agenda: Click Here
     Highlights of Policy 237 changes, per solicitor:
    • Pg. 1, Section 3, Authority: more specific information regarding the time and location where devices may/may not be used.
    • Pg. 2, Par. 3: confiscation of device for violations of the law.
    • Pg. 2, bottom of page: Recording statement
    • Pg. 3, Privacy: the registration of devices
    Recommendations in the Final Report:
    1. Update Policy 237, Electronic Devices
    2. Update related sections of the Student Handbook for each school
    3. Parallel to the topic, Policy 815 - Responsible Use, was rewritten outside of the committee to reflect the recommended changes in Policy 237 as well as aligning better to current trends and legal practices with respect to personal devices and required internet safety guidelines (CIPA).
    4. Develop professional development opportunities for staff to explore ways to integrate personal electronic devices into the classroom.
    5. Develop informational sessions for student and parents to explain the changes at each specific level.