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    1. Penn Manor visitation discussion
    2. Policy Outline: 237 - guidelines (see below)
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     Policy Outline
    Spring Grove Area School District provides students and staff access to technology tools and Internet resources as part of the District’s core educational mission and goals. Technology permeates virtually all district academic activities, operations, communications and research. It is the intent of the Spring Grove Area School District to hold high expectations for student behavior, and academic integrity while promoting responsible and ethical use of technology and network resources.
    The purpose of this policy is to set forth expectations for responsible use of existing and emerging technologies which students may possess.
    Personal Electronic Devices (PED’s): laptops, netbooks, mobile phones, personal digital assistants, personal media devices (ipods, ipads, e-Readers, and similar devices) and other internet-enabled communication devices or other new technologies developed that are capable of connecting to the District’s network or other independent mobile network.
    a. Not at all/ever (current policy)
    b. In class w/ permission from teacher
    c. In non-instructional areas, appropriate use according to guidelines in the building handbook
    d. Everywhere, any time
    e. Combination of b. & c.
    --Permit the use of electronic devices by students as designated by a member of the professional staff or administration during instructional time.
    Further permit electronic devices for non-disruptive use during non-instructional time in locations designated by administration.
    District will provide filtered, authenticated, wired and wireless access for student use.
    Forbid access to an unfiltered, unapproved wired, wireless or cellular connection on a PED at any time while on school property or while engaged in school-related activities. Connection to the Internet while present on school property or a school-related activity via anything other than the District-provided network is in violation of this policy and policy 815 (Responsible Use).
    This policy is specifically written for student access. Administration or professional staff must give permission, authorizing the use of student’s PED’s for the purposes of participating in educational activities. Administration is authorized to determine other, non-instructional locations, if applicable.
    District shall not be responsible for any damage, loss, or misuse of any PED. The District shall bear no responsibility or provide technical support, troubleshooting, or repair of PED’s.
    -Students shall not photograph, videotape, or record other individuals at school, on school district property, on school buses, or at school-sponsored activities without their knowledge and consent, except for activities considered to be in the public arena such as sporting events or public performances.
    -Use of cellular phones or other PED’s is strictly prohibited in locker rooms and restrooms.
    -Use of cellular phones or other PED’s is prohibited in the nurses’ office, guidance office, and school office unless school personnel in charge of the office specifically permit use of the cell phone or PED, in which case the device may be used ONLY to the extent that permission was expressly granted.
    Exceptions to the prohibitions set forth in this policy may be made for health, safety or emergency reasons with prior approval of the building principal or designee, or when use is required for the provision of a free appropriate public education for a student identified under Section 504 or the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and present in a student's Individualized Education Program or Section 504 plan.
    Disciplinary Action:
    -Use of cellular phones or other PED’s must not violate any other district policies, including those regarding student privacy, copyright, cheating, plagiarism, Student Code of Conduct, Responsible Use Policy, or harassment.
    -Violations of this policy by a student will result in disciplinary action (including the range of penalties provided for in the discipline code, such as, loss of privileges, confiscation, and referral for expulsion) in accordance with district policy and the student handbook. Use of electronic devices for an unlawful purpose will subject a student to any and all disciplinary measures provided by the discipline code, district policy, or state/federal law.
    -Use of electronic devices pursuant to this policy is a privilege, not a right, unless otherwise required by legal exception stated above. Abuse of the limited use provision will result in discontinuation of electronic devices privileges as determined by the administration.