• Technology Services Department
    The mission of the Technology Services Department is to provide exceptional technical services for the entire organization to support student learning. 
    Located on the Roth's Church Road campus, the Technology Center is home to dedicated IT staff who are committed to serving our students and staff. We offer a variety of technology resources designed to aid student learning and prepare them for their future. This collection of resources is designed to share information about technology at SGASD and to be used as a resource for students, staff, and parents with regard to specific technology tools and available options to engage learners and facilitate instruction. The Technology Services Department is charged with supporting these instructional resources as well as providing business continuity functions for the efficient operations of the District. To help realize our mission, our infrastructure includes:
    • 1:1 Program, K-12
    • Fiber-channel SAN
    • Replication SAN for mission-critical data
    • 98% server virtualization
    • Minimum of 1 GB links between buildings
    • Wireless infrastructure with 100% coverage in all schools
    • VOIP phone system
    • Over 400 security cameras
    • Access control systems at all buildings