Welcome to Career Skills, a course designed to prepare you for life after graduation.


    The course begins with “The Be Real Game”, a simulated life/work journey, which allows you to experience the process of identifying skills and strengths, searching for a job, creating a resume, opening doors to new opportunities, grappling with job change factors, etc.  Another component of the course is Junior Achievement.  You will participate in 6 lessons from the “Success Skills” curriculum of JA, which will be presented to you by a community/business volunteer.  You will explore job search strategies, improve your business/personal networking skills, and practice decision-making and planning skills. A third component of the course involves Self-Exploration, and you will conduct personal research, career research, post-secondary education/training research, and career exploration using the online Choices program, the textbook, and various other tools.   As a part of this course, you will also begin the process of creating your own Career Portfolio.  You will complete an employment application, create a resume, and write cover letters and thank-you letters.  Interview techniques will be practiced, and students will participate in a Mock Interview toward the end of the course.




    Grade breakdown:


          Tests/Quizzes/Portfolio Items       



          Class Participation            


    Tests/Quizzes/Portfolio Items:

    ·   Tests will be taken on the day assigned.  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to arrange a testing time either during a study hall or before or after school to make up your exam.



    ·   Throughout each Unit, you will be asked to complete various assignments that pertain to the concepts being presented

    ·   Assignments are to be completed individually, unless otherwise noted by the teacher

    ·   Most assignments are done in class, but when homework is assigned, it is to be completed by the due date.

    ·   Homework assignments will be accepted 1 day after the due date for  ¾ credit.

    ·   After that day, late work will be accepted for ½ credit.



    ·   You will complete numerous projects and will apply your knowledge of the concepts through a variety of ways including simulations, Junior Achievement activities, career and self exploration exercises, and mock interviews.


    Class Participation:

    ·   It is expected that you will come to class prepared each day.  It is your responsibility to bring your textbook, a folder, a notebook, and a writing utensil to class every day.  (It is also recommended that you bring a calculator to class.)

    ·   It is expected that you will participate in class discussions and group assignments.  Your success in this class is dependent upon your attention, participation, and willingness to play an active role in your education.

    ·   You are given a class participation grade based on your positive involvement in the classroom, discussions, and activities each marking period.

    ·   If you incur an unexcused absence, come to class unprepared, refuse to participate in an assignment, attempt to put your head down and/or sleep during class, or are disruptive in class, you risk losing participation points

    ·   This is intended to encourage participation and reward those who do and should be an asset to you at the end of each marking period!