• Welcome to the health room . The health room is staffed by Mrs. Lisa Bahn,RN, Certified School Nurse, and health assistants: Mrs. Julie Myers, RN, Spring Grove Elementary, Mrs. Karla Witmer, RN, Paradise Elementary, and Mrs. Judy Dubs, LPN, New Salem Elementary. The health room treats illnesses and injuries that arise during the school day, as well as assisting students and staff with the management of chronic health concerns.
     Please take a moment to review the guidelines page to assist you in making decisions regarding your child's health as it relates to the school day. Additionally, the web resources page contains links to information you may find useful throughout the school year. We encourage you to start your student's day with breakfast and an encouraging word.Thank you.
    Does your child's school nurse/daycare/camp need immunizations or a physical? If you are using a Wellspan Health provider, click here: