• Mrs. Metzger’s Classroom Rules and English Guidelines

    Be Polite

    A.      Allow others to speak withoutinterruption.

    B.       Raise your hand and wait to berecognized. (Fist for comment or question, open-hand for answer to a question.)

    C.       Stay in your seat unless otherwise instructed.  (Sharpen pencils, throw away garbage, and gettissues without calling attention to yourself.)

    D.      NO HORSEPLAY!

    E.       Profanity, crude language, or obscenegestures will not be tolerated.

    (Since this is Englishclass, please make an effort to use correct grammar.)

    F.       All inappropriate actions toward asubstitute teacher will be disciplined by me as severely as possible. 

    G.      Treat others (including the teacher)as you would like to be treated.  Respectthe feelings and property of others.

    H.      Wait to be dismissed at the end of theperiod.  Do not ‘pack up’ early.  Do NOT congregate at the door beforethe dismissal bell.

    Be Prompt

    A.       Be in or near your seat when the bellrings.  You will have one warning forbeing late each quarter, after which you will receive a lunch detention.  Any extreme lateness will result inafter-school detention.

    B.       Turn your homework in on time.  Your assignments are due at the beginning ofthe period (unless otherwise directed by the teacher.)

    C.       Make up work promptly.  YOU must schedule an appointment tomake up a quiz or test.  Unless this isdone within a week from the original date of the exercise, you will be docked50%.  If it is not done at all, you willreceive a 0%.

    D.      Late long-term assignments(compositions, projects, journals, etc…) will be penalized 10% per day.

    Be Prepared

    A.       Bring a pencil or pen, 3-ring binder, and yourjournal to class each day!

    B.       During tests and quizzes you willclear your desk of all books and separate your desk from your partner’s desk.

    C.       Be ready for class when I am ready tostart.

    D.      Each student MUST have a three-ringbinder with pockets to serve as your English notebook.  Your journal should be kept in thepocket.   The notebook is to be divided into thesesections:

    Class Literature Notes



    Literary Terms

    E.       Do NOT work on assignments for otherclasses during English class.

    F.       Pay attention during class.  Listen to and follow written or verbaldirections.

    G.      Cheating in any form is nottolerated!  You WILL exercise academicintegrity-if you fail in this endeavor you will be disciplinedaccordingly.  You will not receive anycredit for the assignment, test, essay, etc.

    H.      Students that forget to put their nameon an assignment will lose one point on the assignment grade.

    I.        Most final copies of writingassignments must be typewritten.



                Basicallythe rules of the classroom are the same as the rules of the school.  I will follow the procedures outlined in yourhandbook.


    Expectations and Policies:

                            Attendance and attentiveness are both mandatory for success.  Not only will you be acquiring academicskills to be a successful student, but you will also strive to achieve those“soft skills” that society expects of you to be a successful person.  You must be willing to put in the extraeffort needed to achieve this.  I expectyou to accept responsibility for your choices regarding behavior and prioritiesand to develop and maintain a work ethic that will enable you to be successful.

                    Youmay not sleep in class.  You are expected to participate in activities, to contribute in classroom discussions, and totake notes.

                    NOfood or drink is allowed in class (unless the nurse has informed me.) 

                    NOElectronic devices of any kind are permitted in my room.  You will be provided with a computer when our lessons require technology.

    Absentee Policy:

    Students areresponsible for receiving and submitting missed assignments.  If a student is absent on the day anassignment is due, the assignment is due on the student’s first day ofreturn.  Generally, students have TWO days per day of absence to complete missed work.  Students should check the designated folderfor any missed handouts or assignments. It is important to attend class regularly, as class work cannot easilybe made up.  Any homework not made upfrom an absence will become a zero at the end of the marking period.  Please remember to check Ed-line for yourassignments and your grades on a weekly basis.

    Grading                                               Heading(Top left margin of assignment)

    30% Tests and quizzes                                                                     YourName

    30% Writingpieces/projects                                                     Mrs.Metzger

    25% Class work                                                                                     Comp.English 9 (Course name)

    15% Homework                                                                                   Date

              Grades will be determined by a total point system.  Tests and compositions will usually be worth50-100 points; quizzes will count anywhere from five to 50 points, but willmost often be 10 or 20 points.  Testswill always be announced; quizzes will often be announced.

    Bathroom and Locker Policy:

              Each student will receive a Lav/Locker Pass to use five times during themarking period to obtain permission to use the bathroom and locker.  Students will earn extra credit points foreach trip not used on the pass.  Studentswill not be able to leave the room without this pass, so keep it in yournotebook to insure that it is always with you. Emergency passes to guidance and the nurse will be issued by theteacher.


    *Your English notebook will bechecked periodically.  Please insert thispaper as page 1.


    Major Course Outcomes:

    1.       The student will be able to understand,analyze, and evaluate literature using correct literature terminology.

    2.      The student will be able to recognizeuniversal and timeless values of great literature and how they relate tohis/her life.

    3.      The student will be able to correctlyand clearly express his/her ideas in writing and speaking.

    4.      The student will increase hisspelling and vocabulary knowledge.

    5.      The student will be able toillustrate research skills and the ability to apply knowledge gained throughresearch to complete assignments.

    6.      The student will be able to utilizethe writing process to compose a variety of original written assignments.

    “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude fromachieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mentalattitude.” W.W. Ziege

            A positive attitude towardone’s schoolwork, classmates, and teacher is a necessary ingredient to besuccessful in this course.  Thesequalities will be expected of you.  Let’swork together to make this a great year for you!

    How to succeed in thisclass:

    1.      Never miss an assignment.

    2.      Always make up work that you missedwhen you were absent.

    3.      Ask the teacher, not a classmate, ifyou don’t understand something.

    4.      Participate in class:  answer questions, ask questions, and takenotes.

    5.      Do the bonus work.  (This is enrichment and practice!)

    6.      Devote some time each day to studywhat we covered in class that day.

    7.      Read the stories and your independentreading books.

    8.      Study for all tests and quizzes.

    9.      Check Ed-line for missing assignmentsand your current grade.

    10.  Take your education seriously. 


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