• Network Connection:
    Students who cannot access the SGASD network or who may have technical issues with their personal device need to take care of this issue by working with the device's user’s manual and/or manufacturer's website outside of the classroom. These are not District-owned devices and the District can not allocate resources to troubleshoot issues at this time.

    Recommended AntiVirus Software for PC's:
    Note: Free antivirus software sounds good, but it is only going to catch so many bad guys. Purchasing a robust antivirus software is always recommend, as these tend to be more reliable and also provide support if you run into problems.  That being said, the free software below, from Microsoft, is the only free solution we currently recommend.  Additionally, many of the better paid antivirus solutions offer a free trial, which we recommend users take advantage of before spending any money.
    Free:  Microsoft Security Essentials - If you've got to use a free solution to protect your PC, this is it.
               AVG - A free and a paid version.
    Paid:  Eset Nod32 - The best antivirus software on the market. The free version is OK, but their paid version is great.
               Norton AntiVirus (2013) - Now owned by Symantec, its current version gets good ratings, unlike its older products.
               Avast! - Also has a free and paid version. Although it lacks some capabilities, its ability to remove bad guys is very good.
               Trend - We currently use the enterprise version on our network.
               Kaspersky - Expensive, but highly rated with lots of additional features.

    It is the responsibility of the student to bring their device to school charged. The District discourages students and staff to charge devices in their classrooms while the classroom is not being used due to liability concerns related to theft and tampering that could arise from unattended devices.  The District wishes to remind all users that personal devices are the user's responsibility and the District will not be liable for the loss, damage, theft, or misuse of any personal electronic device as outlined in the Responsible Use Policy.
    Currently their is no printing option from a personally owned device. This option will be explored in the future as we move towards a managed print solution to help us contain our printing costs and the subsequent amount of waste that excessive printing generates. Until then, students have the option of accessing their document from a school computer to print.
    Tech Support Cheat Sheet
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