• T.E.A.M. School Liaison Program
    The District believes that the safety of our students is our greatest responsibility.  In today's world, this extends into the social realm of the Internet.  Our curriculum provides students with opportunities to learn about the dangers which lurk on the Internet, starting in elementary school.  This extends upwards through their years in high school.  In some cases, this instruction is also provided by the District's Resource Officer as part of the police department's T.E.A.M. School Liaison Program.
    Children's Internet Protection Act
    This year, the District is making an even more concerted effort to educate its youngsters on the responsible and safe use of the Internet and its related resources, in accordance with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) .  The District applauds the passing of this federal mandate in which schools are required to provide all students annual instruction about appropriate online behavior, including interacting with individuals on social networking sites and chat rooms.  Furthermore, schools are required to enforce a policy if Internet safety that includes monitoring online activities of its students and the operation of technology protection measures that protect against Internet access by both adults and minors to objectionable, malicious, or otherwise illegal and harmful to minors.