• Extended Learning Technology Enrichment Lesson: 10



    1.       Students will record a variety of video shots using the Flip video camera.




    Action within the Frame -The subject moves within the frame and the camera DOES NOT move.


    Follow the Action - The subject is moving yet stays within the frame because the camera is MOVING with the subject.


    Close Up- A tight shot of the subject or object.


    Tracking shot - The camera and operator follows the subject, keeping the subject in the same area of the frame. Similar to keeping the action within the frame but the operator and camera move with the subject.

    Bell Ringer


    - What are some of the differences between a photo camera and a video camera? How are they similar ? [Discuss with a partner, 1 minute]




    - Bell Ringer

    - Review Objectives/Agenda

    - View sample of different video shots from http://kidsvid.4teachers.org/making03.shtml


    - Review Flip camera controls

    - Go over video etiquette – Do not record someone without their permission

    - Pass out “The Shot List”

    - Students work in groups of 3 or 4 to record an example of each shot in the list. Record in the hallway.

    - Share group shots, discuss what makes a shot “good quality”.

    - Closure




    What is the difference between a tracking shot and an action within the frame shot: [Discuss with a partner, 1 minute]