• Lessons 8 and 9 Resources

    Extended Learning Technology Enrichment Lesson: #8


     1.       Students will be able to create a slide show using Animoto.


    Thumbnail – a preview of an image. A thumbnail should not be used in a project (will look blurry ).

    Bell Ringer

    -  What are 3 things you can include in an Animoto video ? ( any 3 below ) [Discuss with partner for 30 seconds.]


    - Bell Ringer

    - Give overview of project :  We will be creating an Aninoto slide show as a way to thank a parent or relative for Valentine’s Day. You might want to include pictures of places you have gone together, activities you have done together, or a gift they have gotten you in the past.

    Create a slideshow on the following topic:  I am Thankful For …  


    ·         Must have at least 15 pictures

    ·         Must have at least 7 text slides

    ·         Find pictures online to use

    - Create a folder in their student drive called Animoto project


    -          Decide on who your slide show is for ( Mom, Dad, Grandparent, Parents (together ), etc. )

    -          Decide what types of things to show in your slideshow.

    -          Find images to use for your slideshow. Images need to be saved into your Animoto folder ( do not copy and paste into Word or PowerPoint)  Open the image, right click, save image as.

    -          Remind students to open the image and save, do not save the thumbnail image

    -          When the student has 15 images saved, they can log into Animoto.com

    - Closure


    How do you save an image from a website?