• Extended Learning Technology Enrichment Lesson: #7



    1.       Students will be able to create a slide show using Animoto.




    Transition – an effect when changing from one image or video to another in a presentation.


    Bell Ringer


    -  What are 3 basic edits to improve pictures? ( any 3 below ) [Discuss with partner for 2 minutes.]




    - Bell Ringer


    - Go to www.animoto.com


    - Create accounts for Animoto


    ·         use firstnamelastinitialsgi@sgi.com as email address

    ·         password – set as network PW


    -Create a slideshow on the following topic: A Trip Around the World

    ·          use the pictures in Animoto ( Travel and Animals )

    ·         Must have 8 pictures

    ·         Must have 5 text slides

    - Closure



    What can you include in an Animoto slide show?