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      Due Date Assignment Description
       2/21 Folder Students need a folder (and lined paper) to keep notes and handouts organized (Pocket folder with 3 tabs works well)
      2/19-2/21 Child Development Students will complete the study notes given in class while watching the child development videos & participating in class discussions
      2/24 Child Development Test Students should use their study guides completed in class to prepare for this test.  Also, go to join.quizizz.com and enter game code provided through Google Classroom to play the review game.
      2/25-2/27 Nutrient Fact Sheet Working through EdPuzzle & Google Classroom, students will complete the Nutrient Fact Sheet which will be used to study for their upcoming test. You should also use the Quizizz review games to help you study along the way! Details are posted in Google Classroom.
      3/2 Nutrient Questions Complete the questions on nutrients prior to this class to help study for the test 
      3/3 Nutrient Test
    Student's will use their Nutrient Fact Sheet as well as the class Jeopardy game , Quizizz game (http://join.quizizz.com  code provided through Google Classroom)
     & nutrient questions to study and prepare for their Test.
      3/4-3/5 Cookie Lab Students should review the recipe provided to prepare for this cookie comparison lab
      3/6 Microwave Cooking WS Students will listen and take notes during the presentation and movie on microwave cooking 
       3/10 Microwave Cooking Test Students should use their notes from the microwave presentation to study for this short answer test. Also, go to join.quizizz.com and enter game code provided in Google Classroom to play the review game.
      3/11-3/12 Microwave Chicken Dishes Students should review the recipes provided to prepare for making 4 different main course chicken dishes to share using the microwave oven
      3/13-3/20  Pizza Making  Students should review all the recipes provided to be ready to make their own pizza sauce, cheese and dough.