• Objective

    1.       Students will write and produce a 2 minute drama that includes recorded audio and background music from Myna.



     Import - to bring (documents, data, etc.) into one software program from another.

    Background Music - any music that is intended as unobtrusive accompaniment or a certain atmosphere to an activity or location, or accompaniment to the dialogue or action in a motion picture.

    Mix - to combine (substances, elements, things, etc.) into one mass, collection, or assemblage.

    Export - to save (documents, data, etc.) in a format usable by another software program.



     - Bell Ringer

    - Review Objectives/Agenda

    - Write your 2 minute drama [Use Storyboard]

    - Record your drama in Audacity

    - Import your background music from Myna into Audacity

    - “Mix” your recording and background music

    - Download finished drama as a wav file to your student network drive

    - If finished early, students will produce a scripted PSSA Prep Drama [Storyboard]

    - Closure