• Extended Learning Technology Enrichment Lesson: 3



    1.       Students will create music using a program called Myna.

    2.       Students will manipulate music to change effects like balance, fade, etc.



    Fade - to cause the volume of sound to increase or decrease gradually.

    mp3 a file format for music.


    Bell Ringer


    - What are 3 things you can edit / modify on an audio file? [Discuss with a partner, 1 minute] 



    - Bell Ringer

    - Review Objectives/Agenda

    - Introduce Myna/Vocab – Myna Resource Sheet
    - Create a song using Myna

    ·         Use an intro, loop, and ending

    ·         Playback

    - Manipulate your song

    ·         Work with effects to change the sound of your song

    - Download finished song as an mp3 file to your student network drive

    - Closure




    - Which of these is a sound or music file?

    ·         mp3

    ·         mp4

    ·         wav

    ·         wmv