• One of the most important ways to improve as a musician is through private lessons. There is no substitute for weekly sessions of individualized instruction by an instrument specialist.Not only does the student receive individualized instruction (whereas the school lesson is with a small group) the private lesson is weekly (whereas the school lesson occurs approximately every eight to ten days). Private lesson instructors serve as an ideal model and mentor to assist in your child's improvement in areas of tone, technique, and general musicianship. The helpful hints or minor adjustments suggested by the instructor can greatly improve your child's playing ability.

    Inclusion on this list is in no way to be considered an endorsement by the Spring Grove Area School District. Private instruction is an agreement between the parents/guardians, student, and private teacher of your choice and is completely independent of the Spring Grove Area School District. Spring Grove Area School District assumes no responsibility for the content or quality of instruction by an independent private music teacher.

    Please contact the desired instructor from the list if you are interested in professional instruction. Lesson prices are set by the instructor and most range from $12 and upward per half hour.
     NAME                                  INSTRUMENT                   PHONE #                   EMAIL
    Allison Becker-Lehr             Flute, Piano             717-515-2398                   allisonlehr@comcast.net
    Jessica Hildebrand             Clarinet                    717-779-4532                    jmh006@lvc.edu
    Shirley Miller                          Clarinet                    717-755-6787                   rsmil710@hotmail.com
    Daniel Stief                Flute, Clarinet, Sax            717-495-7172                   thatsjazz@gmail.com
    Dave Yinger               Flute, Clarinet, Sax            717-856-5056                   dlyduke@yahoo.com
    Chuck Schuman       Flute, Clarinet, Sax            717-266-8942
    Steve Fieldhouse      Flute, Clarinet, Sax            717-578-3114                   fieldsax_1999@yahoo.com
    Jerry Gingerich          Flute, Clarinet, Sax            717-854-5379
    Jim Martini                         Saxophone                  717-308-9948                   jmartini@cysd.k12.pa.us
    Jason Roach                Saxophone (all reeds)   717-659-0344                  Tenorsax120@wildblue.net
    Kirstin Gordon                      Oboe                         717-815-1299
    Neal Gross                         Trumpet                      717-633-1018
    Chris Hutton                       Trumpet                      717-793-0615                   chris@lead-trumpet.com
    PC King                               Trumpet                      717-266-0665                   pcking@pickmusic.net
    AJ Myers                              Trumpet                      717-586-9963                   ajm003@lvc.edu
    Beth Lucas                      French Horn                  717-225-6890
    Dave Abel                         Trombone                     717-751-2601                   dave.abel1954@comcast.net
    Chris Scheetz                  Trombone (all brass) 610-291-9033                   cbscheetz@gmail.com
    Anthony Aguirre               Percussion                   717-676-0382                   anthonyraguirre@comcast.net
    Tim Bupp                          Percussion                   717-578-4189                   tim@tabupp.com
    Joe Coria                          Percussion                   717-870-2904
    Chris Loser                      Percussion                   717-795-8658                   chris@chrisloser.com
    Zane Ruth                         Percussion                   717-815-0953                   zanru@hotmail.com