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    Classroom Expectations:

    §  Pocketbooks/personal bags must be kept on the floor or on an empty desk (never in your lap or on your desk).

    §  ALL personal electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, iPads, Kindles, etc.) are to be powered off and are to be stored out of sight at all times while in the classroom.

    §  Headphones are to be out of your ears (BOTH ears) as soon as you enter room 205.  Headphones should not be visible and should be stored out of sight while in the classroom. 

    §  Lining up at the door at the end of the period is prohibited.  Students are to remain in their assigned seats until the bell rings.

    §  Students are required to keep a folder and notebook for this class and are to bring these materials to class every day.

    §  Students are expected to bring a pen/pencil to class every day.  These will not be supplied.

    §  Students are to be on time for class (in their assigned seat when the bell rings).  If you are late to class without a pass, you automatically sign in on the “I’m Late” sheet.  Consequences begin if problems persist.

    §  Have a POSITIVE attitude.  J  It DOES make a difference, and it IS a choice.


    Bathroom/Locker Policy:

    §  Students will be given a Personal Responsibility (PR) Sheet at the start of the semester. 

    §  If a student wishes to visit the restroom or their locker, they may do so by using their PR Sheet.

    §  PR Sheets should be used wisely, as students must have the sheet to be excused, AND each student may use the sheet a maximum of six times only per marking period.

    §  Bonus Points will be awarded at the conclusion of the marking period and will represent the number of unused sign-outs.

    §  To use the PR Sheet, simply obtain teacher permission, fill in the sheet, have the teacher initial it, and sign out (and back in) on the class log located in the front of the classroom.


    Homework Policy:

    Homework, projects, and assignments will be given a due date.  If the deadline is not met, the following will be enforced:


    Submitted one day late =  partial credit (3/4 credit)

    Submitted 2 or more days late = half credit


    If you are absent on the day the assignment is due and were present when the assignment was given, it is your responsibility to turn it in the next day you arrive to class.  If it is not received the day you return, a point deduction will result for the assignment.


    Netbook Policy:

    §  Students will be assigned a Netbook number and should always use that number form the cart.

    §  Students are responsible for reporting any problems or defects with their netbooks to the teacher immediately in order to avoid being held accountable for them. 

    §  When pulling out or returning Netbooks to the cart, students are to check that the Netbook number matches the shelf number.

    §  At the end of the period or after use, always SHUT DOWN the Netbook.