• About me! I am a fourth grade teacher at Spring Grove Elementary School. My favorite free time activity is to spend time with my daughter, Katie and my son, Braden. We love to sing, dance, and swim together. My husband and I love to make them laugh! Braden loves music and watching our puppy, Petey.  Braden is enjoying kindergarten and learning to ride a bike. Katie is busy playing basketball and dancing her heart out at the YARD. I enjoy watching them do the things they love.

    My favorite sport is volleyball. I love to play, coach, and to watch volleyball in my free time. I have been a coach for Spring Grove in the past.

    My favorite treat is Starbucks! I love their frappuccinos. Yum! I love the color purple and the Little Mermaid! Anything Disney is a love of mine! :)
    I am looking forward to a wonderful and exciting year!