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    It is now your turn to BE PART OF THE BAND!

    Step 1: Visit our Be Part of the Band! page to review the available instruments, play a game to help your child choose the right instrument, and submit an interest form to Mr. Bupp.

    Step 2: Watch the information below regarding our nationally-recognized music program and how band instruction is delivered at SGASD.

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    Menchey Music Instrument Rental to Purchase Overview

    (Other available options are below.)

     Rental Flyer Rental Flyer

    Online Tutorial for Renting Online through Menchey Music


    Click Here to Rent Online through Menchey Music 

    If you are looking to accquire an instrument from another source, please check out these sites for reputable, used, instruments:


    The Spring Grove Area School District is committed to providing opportunities for ALL students to reach their full potential in music education. If cost is a prohibitive factor in participating in band, please contact Mr. Bupp via phone or email to discuss available options. We can help!

    Step 3- Online Registration Form-

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