• Private lessons are vital for your child's advanced success on their instrument!  The following list includes some recommendations, bolded names are people I can personally recommend, other names are collected names of people I have not worked with. 
    Please see me for more help or e-mail me (kirkpata@sgasd.org) if you would like your name added to this list.

    Violin, Viola

    Deb Zumbrum- violin- dzum@comcast.net 

    Lauren Forshey- viola- Lauren.taylor777@gmail.com

    Katelyn McClinton- violin and viola- katelynmcclinton@gmail.com (offering online lessons also)



    James Nackley- james.nackley@gmail.com

    James McGonigle - call Menchey Music

    Zoe Prats- 717-992-0474 

    Sarah Thomas- 717-495-6932  thomassm13@yahoo.com

    Brenda Johnson - 717-424-4240



    Scott Kaliszak- scottkaliszak1@gmail.com

    Duane Botterbusch- dbotterbusch@messiah.org


    Erin Haafke (717) 479-2065 erinnhaafke@gmail.com

    Yvonne Hook (717) 600-6767  yvonnehook@icloud.com

    Regina Siple drksiple@gmail.com




    Other lesson instructors are available through Menchey Music (Hanover or York)