Freshman Year:

    • United States History I
    • United States History I Honors

    Sophomore Year:
    • United States History II
    • AP United States History

    Junior Year:
    • Global Studies
    • Global Studies Honors
    • AP European History

    Senior Year:
    • American Society
    • American Society Honors

    (offered to Juniors and Seniors and taught on a rotating basis):
    • Anthropology and Archeology
    • Criminal Justice
    • Economics
    • Ethics and Philosophy
    • Fiction, Film, and History
    • Modern World Issues
    • Psychology of Human Behavior
    • Psychology of Human Development
    • Sociology

    Advanced Placement
    (offered to Juniors and Seniors):
    • European History
    College in the High School through Harrisburg Area Community College (offered to seniors):
    • National Political Systems
    • Western Civilization I