• Diversified Occupations
    Diversified Occupation (DO) education combines employability skills and work ethic learning in the classroom and work-experience outside the classroom. Students spend six periods per cycle in the DO class learning skills in career awareness and planning, career acquisition, career retention, and entrepreneurship. Students can also be released up to three periods daily to gain work experience in jobs related to their selected career pathways. Students are required to work an average of 12 hours weekly (M-F) in order to maintain co-op work release.
    How do I know if I qualify?

    Will I:

    • have 18+ credits by the end of my junior year and be considered a senior?
    • have 9 or less days absent & 5 or less tardies (without valid excuses & are not unexcused) during my junior year
    • have a 70% cumulative average in all academic courses needed for graduation
    • have less than 2 referrals to ISS / OSS during my junior year?
    • If the answer to all 4 questions is YES, you qualify for DO work release!


    • Must I have a job in order to be accepted into the DO program? No. We can work together to get you a job (hopefully one that is in line with your future career interests.) Be sure to check out our Career Center Links.


    • How many periods of the school day will I be released for work and must those release periods be in the afternoon? It depends on the hours you’re scheduled to work and the credits needed for graduation. If you work in the morning, you may be released from as many as 3 periods. If you work in the afternoon and are scheduled to work around 1 pm, you may be released periods 9, 10, & 11. If you participate in after-school sports, you may choose work release in the morning and look for a job during those morning hours.


    • Do I still get released early from school if I don’t go to work until 6pm or am not scheduled to work on a particular day? Yes. We expect you to be doing your homework, eating dinner, meeting your responsibilities at home, attending scheduled appointments, or preparing for work during that work-release time.


    • Will I get school credit for participating in DO? Yes. You can earn anywhere from .5 to 2.5 credits for participating in DO.


    • I’ve heard I have to take a DO class. If this is true, what will we do in that class? In order to schedule DO work release, you must also schedule the DO class that meets 6 times per cycle (every day.) We learn things related to working like job safety, career exploration & planning skills, how to get a job, how to keep a job, teambuilding, etc…


    • If I’m in the DO program, can I change jobs? Yes, as long as you talk to the teacher and give your employer at least 2 weeks notice prior to quitting.

    If I think I’m interested in Diversified Occupations, what do I do next?

    • Talk to your parents and your school counselor.
    • Make sure you will have enough credits to graduate. If you have a job, talk to your employer to make sure they’d be willing to follow the DO program guidelines so we can award you school elective credit toward graduation.
    • Select 3190 Diversified Occupations on your course selection form and for work release:
      • Pds. 1 & 2 select 3192
      • Pds. 11 & 12 select 3194
      • Pds. 1, 2, & 3 select 3196
      • Pds. 9, 11, & 12 select 3198

     If you still have questions, make an appointment to talk to your counselor.