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 Welcome Back!!!
Anyone interested in Scholastic Art & Writing Contest?  See Mrs. H 

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 UPDATE or Create a RESUME of your activities and accomplishments! You'll need it. Need help? Ask!...ESPECIALLY SENIORS

SUMMER Opportunities List.  Lots of options 
Juniors: required college search project: College search project guidelines
On the horizon:
Do you need Subject Tests for your school?
Juniors- Visit, Visit, Visit. Make plans for college visits with your parents. Look online for special Open House dates.
      Sophomores & Freshmen... not too early to start
MIT offers courses's FREE. Link under online learning
Be Curious. check this out...
Cogito website by Johns Hopkins. Connecting Young Thinkers Around the World. Includes competitions, summer programs & internships.
what did you do today?

Visit a museum website every day Compose a comedy skit Sketch hands and feet Paint portraits of your family and friends Keep a dream journal Assemble a sculpture from found objects Capture a photo of your neighborhood every day Make an advertisement for your school Learn about Scholastic Awards judges Faith Ringgold, John Hockenberry, Wangechi Mutu, Frank McCourt & Chuck Palahniuk Interview your friends for a memoir Lay out a website Envision an app for mobile device Make a webisode Draft a report on a community happening Share your work with friends Build an architectural model of a movie theater Practice writing a college admissions essay Write a letter to someone you admire Model a clay figure Fabricate a necklace Craft a haiku every day Doodle on the sidewalk with chalk Conceive a one-act play Design a video game with Gamestar Mechanic Render an imaginary world Read the arts section of the newspaper Read and write a poem every day Brainstorm plots Tell the story of an object Write your congressperson about something important Scribble on newsprint Outline your next novel Construct a chapbook Generate ideas for a future film Fashion a short story about superheroes Watch Ovation TV Learn about Scholastic Awards alumni Andy Warhol, Truman Capote, Sylvia Plath, Bernard Malmud & Philip Pearlstein Talk to a librarian or a gallery owner Learn about local artists and writers Start an idea journal Create something new Talk to someone about your art or writing Follow the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers on Facebook and Twitter Participate in Poetry 180 Screenprint a t-shirt

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