• Community Donation Bins

Community Donation Bins

  • Support our students by donating gently used clothing, shoes, and household items to the donation bins within the district. There are three donation bins currently located in Spring Grove Area School District. You can find them in the parking lots at the following schools:

    • New Salem Elementary: Proceeds go to the PTO to benefit NSE students.

    • Spring Grove Elementary: Proceeds go to the PTO to benefit SGE students.

    • Spring Grove Area Middle School: Proceeds benefit the district-wide Backpack Program and students in need within the district.

    What To Do If The Donation Bin Is Full

    • The donation bins are emptied weekly, but occasionally they become full before the scheduled pick-up day.

    • If the donation bin is full, DO NOT leave your items outside of the bin. Due to outside elements potentially damaging or contaminating the items, they will be thrown out instead of being donated. If the bin is full, please kindly wait until the bin is emptied or consider dropping your items off at another bin located within the district. 

    • CommunityAid accepts donations at local CommunityAid stores. When dropping off your items, please reference our Partner Number 20155, and the items will be credited to our account. The two closest locations to Spring Grove are Hanover and York. Please visit communityaid.org/shop for locations and donation hours.

"Clothing to Cash" Donation Bins at NSE and SGE

  • The PTOs at NSE and SGE are paid for every pound they collect in their donation bins. All materials will be re-worn, repurposed, or finally recycled. Their goal is to fill their bins weekly with as many plastic bags of clothing, shoes, and other textiles as possible.

    The following items are accepted:

    • All clothing: new and used women's, men's, and children's clothing, coats, etc. 
    • Shoes, sneakers, boots, cleats, bedding, sheets, blankets, towels, handbags, backpacks, gloves, scarves, jewelry, wallets
    • Stuffed animals


    • Furniture, food, foam cushions, or plastic/glass items

CommunityAid Bin at SGAMS

  • CommunityAid relies on donations of gently used clothing, shoes, and household items to sell in their stores. Not only do the funds earned from donations support our district-wide Weekend Backpack Program, but through our partnership, the district can request Care Cards that can be used for a one-time expenditure at local CommunityAid stores. Our school counselors and social workers provide these cards to students in need to help them during tough times. 

    The following items are accepted:

    • Clothing and shoes only (strongly preferred)

    NOT accepted:

    • Household items discouraged