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 hands Making the decision to volunteer your time and talents to the students of the Spring Grove Area School District is a very honorable one and a decision with which we hope you will be pleased

School volunteers enhance the educational experience in so many ways: helping to ensure that vital programs like music, sports and the arts are available in the school, working as the extra hands, ears and hearts of teachers whose responsibilities extend to many students, working to ensure the smooth operation of many school activities we sometimes take for granted (for example, concessions at sporting events, or equipment management at band shows) 
 ...AND by listening, caring and supporting the most important person in any school - the student.

What are the requirements for being a school volunteer?    
     State law requires all volunteers to have specific clearances on file, less than 60 months old. 

There are two required forms: a Volunteer Registration Form and the state-mandated Volunteer Verification Form. In addition, the state requires the PA Criminal Record Check and the PA Child Line Child Abuse Record Check.

If, on the Verification form, you  cannot attest to having lived in PA for 10 continuous years, then you must get the FBI fingerprints. That’s the only part that involves any expense for volunteers.

The links for all the clearances can be found below.

ONCE we receive those two clearances and two forms, we get a Volunteer ID badge with a lanyard out to you as quickly as we can. Those badges are good for 5 years from the date of the oldest clearance; so it’s not something you need to do very often!

1. Child Abuse History Clearance

3. Federal Criminal History Check.   This is ONLY required if you have lived in PA less than 10 years.
       A Volunteer Verification Form can be downloaded HERE to indicate that you have established a minimum of 10-year PA residency.

PLEASE NOTE:  For purposes of the state clearance requirements, a volunteer is an adult serving in an unpaid position in which they are individually responsible for the welfare of a child or have “regular direct contact with children” (care, supervision, guidance or control of children, or routine interaction with children). A one-time visitor in a classroom is NOT considered a volunteer for the purposes of this mandate.

What if I don't have internet access at home?

The public library system generally has computers you can use and very knowledgeable volunteers and staff to help you. You might stop by any branch of the York County Library System and inquire. 

What if I need more information or still have questions? 
Contact the District at 225-4731, ext 3010; OR Email us at   - we will get back to you as soon as possible. 
PLEASE NOTE:  Gov. Wolf recently announced that the state WILL NOT charge fees for the Child Abuse History Clearance nor the PA State Police Criminal History Check for persons applying for the purpose of volunteering. Because of that change,  the district will cease reimbursements for those two specific clearances, as well.
Last Modified on October 29, 2015
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